Hey, I’m Jackson! I write gay erotica in my downtime to destress from my job. I generally focus on domestic and happy situations for gay couples. Sometimes my longer works deviate a bit from happy, but I always give works a happy ending. I do like writing F/F and fics with trans men, so they’re likely to pop up from time to time. I also dabble in fanfiction from time to time to take a break from longer works. I currently have a Patreon where I post WIPs and ideas for future works. I do have a full-time job, so I don’t always have time to put my writing first.

I ask that you don’t interact with me if you’re under 21. I would also feel a lot more comfortable if you were 25 or over when trying to befriend me.

Here is an ongoing list of the things I do write about and those I do not write about. This is to give you an idea of what you can request and topics that you may see in the future. My works will also never contain any content I have listed under “NO”, so you won’t ever come across it in my works. In general any kinks will always be noted in the description of the work and when the work contains sex scenes with multiple partners.


  • Sex toys/machines, bondage, ball gags
  • Orgasm denial, multiple orgasms, multiple partners
  • Phone sex, sexting, dirty talk
  • Lingerie (both men & women)
  • Monster and Alien Characters/Genitals

MAYBE – these will always be made clear within the description of the work.

  • I’ll only write these with explicit consent – sexual stimulants, voyeurism, mind control, rough sex
  • I’ll only write public sex when it won’t disturb an unwilling party
  • I will write furry characters, but I won’t write genitals that are overly animalistic or bridge with bestiality


  • Daddy/Mommy-Kink, incest, near-incest, grooming, any age play/infantilization, any underage characters in sexual settings
  • Non-con, dub-con, mind control/mind dominance, sexual slavery, a/b/o dynamics, knotting
  • Size-Kink, shaving-kink, watersports/scat/toilet play/vomit stuff, vore, inflation, bestiality

Please feel free to ask me if you don’t see something listed that you either want or don’t want. I’ve probably overlooked some kinks, and there are some that aren’t listing simply because I don’t feel educated enough on the topic to write about it.