Affiliate Information

I could really use some help getting the word out about my work! So do you like reading my gay stories and want to help? Do you not know me at all, but could use a couple of bucks and super approve of gay erotica? Then read on, my friend!

How does it work?

Through the Smashwords Affiliates program, I’m offering 51% of my referred eBook sales to you. So whenever you refer a customer to me, you make $1 per sale when the books are regularly priced.

What books are you offering?

How do I sign up?

Create a free account with Smashwords. When you go to “Manage Account” scroll down to “Affiliate System Management.” Once you’re on that page, under “For Affiliate Marketers” click on “Sign up as an Affiliate”! When you’re set up, you’ll go to my book pages and at the very bottom of their pages there’ll be a line that reads “Link to this page to earn a 51% net affiliate referral bonus on sales of this book:” and that’s your link so they know you’ve referred me.

When and how do I get paid?

You’ll be paid “within 40 days of the close of each calendar month” and through Paypal. The minimum payment for Paypal is $0.01. So it’s not great for emergencies, but it’s good for saving up!

What happens if you change the rate?

Affiliate rates are updated at the beginning of the month, so I can’t just change the rate on a whim. If I ever change the rate, I will make a post on my blog and try to contact anyone I know to be promoting my content. Honestly though, I don’t plan on lowering my rates for the books listed above.

What happens if you have a sale?

You still make 51% of each sale, so if the book is on sale, you’ll receive 51% of the sale price rather than 51% of the regular price. If I know you’re affiliate, I will contact you before each sale to give you an opportunity to prepare for the sale. I usually only have sales during Smashwords’ site-wide sales, so it is not very often. If you’re an affiliate, you can also contact me to see if I’ll run a sale if you want one run alongside a special occasion of yours.

I haven’t read the book and I’m worried about certain content being in it.

Obviously there is explicit sexual content in the work. You can ask me on social media or on the form below and I can break down the sex scenes as well as any content I think may be triggering. I tend to have any specific kinks for the book in the description, but it never hurts to shoot me a message to double check. Please state any content you’re specifically worried about and I’ll let you know.

I have a list of kinks I write and don’t write about on my about page here, but if you don’t see it listed or want to double check feel free to contact me either below or on social media and I’ll let you know!

Can I get a copy of the book I’m promoting?

Yes! I’ll be offering a free copy of the book to anyone actively referring them. Basically I’m looking for at least one post that has a referral link to my book, even if it’s just a post like “Hey I’m about to read these books, check them out here!” This way if you want to have a more personalized post or, hell, liveblog it or something, you have access to it. So use the form below or message me on social media to say you’re an affiliate, I’ll check out your post and then I’ll send over the book!

Can I ask you a question not listed here?

Yes! Go ahead and shoot me a message!

If you would prefer not to leave your contact details, write where on social media you would like me to answer the question. (On twitter, tumblr, or pillowfort.)